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biz Japanese SOX (J-SOX)

J-SOX is a standard for describing, evaluating and auditing internal controls relevant for the financial reporting and creation of the financial statements. J-SOX is mandatory for all Japanese stock traded companies and plays a very important role in the risk management. Depending on the size of a subsidiary it may as well have to implement J-SOX regardless of its location. ... (mehr)

dev CSS Only Alternatives

We can create beautiful and complex UI solutions with JavaScript for a comfortable and seamless user experience. What we often forget is that there can be a more simple and more performant solution. After all JavaScript can add additional performance hits due to loading times, slow execution or previous errors. Furthermore, JavaScript adds complexity which might not be necessary. ... (mehr)

biz Employee Ranking Based on Intercompany Relations

You may have heard about the PageRank algorithm which made Google so successful in it's early days. This algorithm ranks websites based on their relation to other websites. This algorithm could be used to apply the same logic on employees and their relationships to other employees in order to determine their importance. ... (mehr)