Business Solutions made simple!

Modern business software in one application for all company sizes and types. The Jingga software supports you with your tasks and relieves you from as much administrative work as possible so you can focus on the important aspects of your business.


Manage your Business

Jingga provides various tools you need in order to manage your business and handle it's activities in one eco-system. You and your team will be able to focus on the important things allowing your business to grow.


Unlock all Platforms

Use the Jingga application from many platforms and places. You can collaborate with your team, no matter if you use cellphone, tablet or PC and have full control over everything.


Comprehensive Insights

Gain deep insights about every aspect of your business in easy to understand reports and analysis. Let Jingga help you with improving your workflows and business operations.

Grow your Business

The key to a successful business is the amount of time you can efficiently focus on your core business operations and how well a software can support you with these tasks. Jingga provides you with the following benefits:

Interconnected Processes

Complete customizable and combinable workflows instead of island solutions.


Accessible from various platforms with internationalized contents & documentation.

Compliance & Standards

Seamlessly integrated compliances and industry standards without too much additional effort.


Support & Updates

Reliable support and updates. Regular feature implementation and quick issue solutions.

One application

Control and management of your business aspects from within one application.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive user interface for ease of use combined with simple visualizations.

Getting Started

The setup of the Jingga application is very simple and can be done within a couple of minutes. In order to test the software feel free to check our demo application.

Within a couple of minutes you can have your whole business software setup and ready for use thanks to simple installation and configuration options. Select your features and get going.

Expand your modules as your requirements change and your business grows with a few clicks giving you flexibility and cost control.



Our software can be installed on your home PC, your own company server, a web server managed by yourself or on our dedicated servers.



The extensive documentation helps you with learning all features of our software, how to administrate and customize it.



The application is built on various modules allowing full customization and control over the features you need.