This documentations goal is to explain in detail and in a step-by-step approach how to setup the application, maintain and administrate it.

By reading this documentation you'll learn how to setup the different application types and the possible configurations for each application. At the same time the documentation will also help you to prepare your server or local machine for the different purposes. The setup process will be explained for multiple operation systems and server environments. Knowledge in these areas will be helpful but not necessary in order to successfully get the applications running.

In the maintenance chapter a general idea about server maintenance is given but don't fear you can use the applications without knowing any of this and completely rely on the built in maintenance features. These features are helpful for beginners as well as professionals. Additional maintenance and monitoring tools will be referenced for even more sophisticated server/application management.

Another important topic for this documentation is the administration of the applications. Here you'll learn about the account, group and module management including permission management and setup. The heart of this application are the modules and in this chapter you'll see how modules are installed and configured and maintained. Individual module documentation is provided with every module where the ins and outs of every module are explained.