The application provides activity monitoring through error logging as well as audit trails.

Error Logging

The error logging creates log entries whenever an error occurs. These error logs contain specific information about what, when, where and who caused the error. These error messages indicate that something is not working as intended and require immediate attention. These errors however are not known to the development team since they are application specific; in order to inform the development team that there is an error it's possible to forward this error via a simple click of a button. This error can now get inspected and fixed. Make sure to report all errors so that they can get fixed. Errors that appear because of changes in the source code will be ignored since customer or third party code changes are not supported or allowed.

Audit Trails

The audit trails are used by modules in order to log user and system activities such as changes/updates to existing elements or the creation and deletion of elements. Elements in this context refers to all database data and state changes. These logs are important in order to investigate changes by certain people or to certain elements. Activity logs can be an important factor for audits as they prove that all changes can be inspected, supervised and tracked back. These log files can be used for compliance reports as well as approval reports where certain activities need to be approved. While there are modules like the Workflow module which allow pre-approval in some cases a post-approval may be necessary and in these situations these logs can be used to generate a report which then can be approved.


Despite the internal monitoring features additional third party monitoring is recommended. Please make yourself familiar with tools that monitor network activities and server activities. These tools help to provide a high availability of your server and application, help with monitoring suspicious behavior and find and solve problems in a timely manner. In addition third party monitoring tools can help to optimize server and application configurations.