In the ERP package we include a billing system for writing invoices, customer, supplier and article management as well as warehousing.


The CRM package includes analysis tools for your customers and sales. You'll be able to manage customer groups and store additional information such as documents, notes, customer communication etc.


The Finance package allows you to book invoices (receivable/payable) and manage your accounting such as income statement & balance.


With the Office package you can manage text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Further features are messaging (e.g. email) a calender and task management for organizing your work.


Creating and managing a website becomes very easy with the CMS package. We provide tools to create individual pages and manage their content.


The Analytic package provides detailed information of your business such as detailed finance analysis, customizable reports and your general business activities.


With the Production package you can create and manage production processes for production scheduling, manufacturing new products and manage production costs.


The SRM package includes tools for your suppliers and procuring process. You are able to manage supplier groups and store additional information such as documents, notes, customer communication etc.

Concepts & Philosophy


Our simple user interfaces and processes make it very intuitive to use the application for an efficient and pleasant user experience. New users are able to use our application quickly without much training.


Fast application response allows efficient and effective implementation of the tasks in your company. Offloading workflows allows users to continue to work while the application is doing other tasks for the user.


The application structure makes it easy to extend and adjust the functionality to your needs for a maximum amount of flexibility according to your requirements. Other benefits are cost efficiency and solutions for specific problems.


Our different modules and features are designed so that they can be used individually or in combination with other modules giving the user one application instead of many individual tools that don't harmonize with each other.


The whole application is designed with audits in mind for accounting, ISO, SOX and more. This allows you to implement easy to audit processes, provide evidences during audits and reduce your administrative workload.

Fair Pricing

We believe that great software doesn't have to be expensive and should be affordable for all company sizes. For this reason our pricing model is designed so that every company size can benefit from great solutions at reasonable prices.

Continuous Improvments

Continuous improvements are a core value which we integrate in our philosophy. User feedback is always appreciated, improvements and new features are constantly developed in order to allow you to handle your daily challenges.

User Privacy

User privacy is a key concern for all companies. We support customizable privacy settings in order to be in compliance with many different regulations such as GDPR. Pre-defined settings can be used to ease this topic for you.


Audit Log

With our audit logs it's possible to track changes in the application such as new entries, changes in entries, access to certain entries and deletions of entries and permission changes.

Blockchain Data Integrity

A blockchain algorithm in critical sections is used for additional data integrity security. This allows you to check if data was altered in a malicious way.

Data Encryption

Certain data can be very sensitive and should be additionally protected. You are able to select which data should be encrypted and the application will implement this.

User & Group Permissions

Users and Groups can have individual permission settings and configurations. Groups also help with organizing multiple users and managing them in bulks.

Free Security Fixes

Security fixes of supported versions are free!

Application Integrity Validation

The application can check the integrity of itself in order to reduce the risk of malicious changes.

Content Security Policy

Strict internal settings lower the risk of malicious code and data injection.

User Data Validation

User data is validated before processing and only valid data is accepted.