The jingga website contains a collection of business articles, software and documents created by Dennis Eichhorn. The goal is to provide some nieche solutions for businesses who are looking for simple software solutions. In some cases projects are work in progress but still can get checked out. If customizations are necessary or in case of business inquiries please feel free to contact us, but please note that these projects are mainly "side projects" which means that there may not be any ressources available to provide support or customizations.


  • Aug. 2018

    Continuation of most of the head of controlling tasks/responsibilities.

    Key additional tasks included representing the financial interests in the executive committee, managing various contracts as authorized officer (Prokurist), investor relations, managing the finance department of 9 people, managing insurances, risk management, the responsibility for the annual and monthly statements (German GAAP & IFRS), J-SOX responsible, project management for various large projects.

    Further tasks were fleet management, sales manager negotiations (sales prices, margins, payment terms/credit management), doubtful accounts and finances in general which includes representing the company regarding all financial aspects in audits, meetings with various key partners (i.e. banks, customers, suppliers, tax authorities, ...).

  • Oct. 2015

    Responsible for creating the monthly internal reporting according to German GAAP (HGB), the monthly reporting for the japanese stock market shareholder according to IFRS (implementation and actual reporting) directly for the HQ, sales reports, sales price calculations for promotions and products with critical margins, budget / actual comparisons, expense and sales forecsts, annual budgeting, J-SOX (implementation, controlling and performing the audits), managing the annual stock taking, process and workflow optimizations as well as managing critical IT implementations. Additionally, responsible for one junior controller.

    During the monthly closing I performed the stock evaluation, cut-off-test, created various reportings with respect to income statement, balance, consolidation, product segments, R&D and production. Key projects include the implementation of a automatic profit center evaluation in order to support sales cost accounting reports, I changed the manual stock evaluation to a automatic stock evaluation. Furthermore, I introduced a improved fixed asset management including QR codes for all of our tangible assets. Last but not least I assisted in creating UDI labels (HIBCC) for our medical devices for the US and EU market.

  • Jan. 2015

    Sales analysis for sales managers, sales reps and management. Assting annual budgeting process as well as the stock taking. In the finance department I assisted in creating the monthly reporting as well as doing accounts receivable and accounts payable accounting.

  • Jul. 2013

    My training consisted of various positions in sales, purchasing, accounting and marketing.

  • 2006

    During my A-Level I became a part-time salesman in a furnitor shop and gained my first experiance with customers and selling products to them.

Business Skills & Experiences

  • Directly managing a team of 9 people
  • Sparring partner of the CEO & shareholders
  • Financial contact person for shareholders, auditors, banks, and other key partners
  • Budgeting (business plan, annual budget, 10 year budget, investments up to 20 million)
  • Project Management (software, processes, product development, ...)
  • Software implementation (digital invoicing, digital allowances, production software, ...)
  • Planning of new business unit & business field
  • Planning of new production building
  • Designing a new product line
  • Handling legal topics (i.e. customer/supplier issues, contracts, IP claims)
  • Reporting (financial, sales, production)
  • Finance audits (IFRS, HGB)
  • Various sales, production and cost analysis incl. reporting, controlling and optimization
  • Workflow optimizations
  • Price calculations and approvals for sales team
  • J-SOX (implementation & auditing)
  • Consolidation (2-3 companies)
  • Loan Management (approx. 9 million)
  • Fleet Management (approx. 35 cars)
  • Risk Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Debit/Credit Accounting
  • Credit Management
  • M&A (2 M&A processes as key member incl. managing contracts, due diligence, presenting etc.)
  • Transfer Pricing (implementation)
  • Asset Accounting
  • Balance Accounting
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Allowance
  • Cut-off tests
  • Price tests
  • Deferred expenses/income
  • Export Control
  • Responsible for anti-corruption