Online Resource Watcher

Keep track of changes to online media such as Websites, PDFs, and more. Get automatically notified about changes incl. highlights of the changes

The Online Resource Watcher allows you to automatically keep track of online changes to websites, PDFs, Word files, images and much more saving you from manually checking those. You can use this service to stay up-to-date with publications on websites, monitor changes to laws and regulations published online, online product updates and more.


Keep track of changes in the web application for all of the online resources you are monitoring or receive email status updates informing you about any changes. You can share these information with multiple people even if they don't have their own account to always stay on top of your online resources.

Various file formats can be compared with a previous versions showing you exactly what changed making it simple and fast for you to evaluate if the changes are of relevance for you. You may also limit your online resources to only track and compare specific parts such as a specific element on a website, a certain page in a PDF file, a minimum amount of changes as a threshold and more.

Manage multiple users in one organization giving you the option to directly share resources and information about changes in the web application. You can also control how many online resources every user in your organization can define to perfectly distribute your available quota on resources and manage the billing process through one account.


Features Free Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Watch online resources 1 10 25 150
Share resources with users 1 user 5 users 15 users 25 users
Share resources via email yes yes yes yes
History 1 2 5 10
Size limit 1 MB per resource 5 MB per resource 10 MB per resource 15 MB per resource

Price: € 0.00 - € 49.99 (Net)