Business Documentation

Business processes, guidelines and templates for all company sizes in order to improve workflows, documentation or business management

The business documentation includes various documents which can be helpful to get your company started, implement processes, Risk Management, manage your finances, budgeting process or general business operations etc. The documents are created with a very strong focus on a IT company. Nevertheless, the documentation can be easily modified and expanded to fit many different company types and industries.

Style and dependencies

The documents are created with the Software called Typora, and use the Markdown text standard with some additional extensions. The advantage of this text format is that it is very easy to track changes to the documents in version control software. Of course you can also copy the contents and paste them into your software of choice (e.g. Word, Notes, Intranet, etc.).


We intend to expand and improve the documentation over time but please note that you will have to manually check if any interesting changes and expansions were performed by yourself. Please note that the documentation also contains very organization specific documents for the jingga organization. These documents are most likely not helpful for your business case but can provide a good inspiration how to improve or implement your own business documentations.


Some of the content included in the business documentation are:

Type Document
Process Development incl. Risk Contorl Matrix and Flowchart
Process Purchase incl. Risk Contorl Matrix and Flowchart
Process Sales incl. Risk Contorl Matrix and Flowchart
Process Calculation examples for hourly rate and sales prices
Process BCG Matrix template
Process Support & Service incl. Risk Contorl Matrix and Flowchart
Process HR incl. Risk Contorl Matrix and Flowchart
Process Finance incl. Risk Contorl Matrix and Flowchart
Process Income Statement, Balance, Cash Flow, Cash Management report and budget templates
Process Project Management Template
Process Management incl. Risk Contorl Matrix and Flowchart
Process SWOT Analysis and Business Model Canvas template
Process Quality Management incl. Risk Contorl Matrix and Flowchart
Process IT incl. Risk Contorl Matrix and Flowchart
Risk Management Risk Management
Risk Management Risk Report
Risk Management Risk Control Matrices for processes (see above)
Risk Management SOX Company Level Controls (CLC)
Risk Management SOX IT General Controls (ITGC)
Policy / Guideline Car Pool Policy
Policy / Guideline Confidentiality Policy
Policy / Guideline Conflict of Interest Policy
Policy / Guideline Organization Activity Policy
Policy / Guideline Organization Guidelines
Policy / Guideline Travel & Business Expenses Guideline
Policy / Guideline Whistleblower System
Policy / Guideline Accounting: Assets
Policy / Guideline Accounting: Cash
Policy / Guideline Accounting: Translation
Policy / Guideline Accounting: General Standards
Policy / Guideline Accounting: Payables
Policy / Guideline Accounting: Provisions
Policy / Guideline Accounting: Receivables
Policy / Guideline Accounting: Reporting
Policy / Guideline Accounting: Taxes
Policy / Guideline IT: Backup & Data Recovery
Policy / Guideline IT: Change Management
Policy / Guideline IT: Database Guidelines
Policy / Guideline IT: IT Security
Policy / Guideline Sales: Export Control
Policy / Guideline Sales: Pricing Policy
HR Employee Evaluation Form
HR Company Evaluation Form
HR Self-Evaluation Form
HR Self-Evaluation Form
HR Hiring Checklist
IT Third Party Software Validation
Management Business Model Canvas
Management Business Plan
Management SWOT
Management Information Flow
Management Executieve Committee Minute Template
Procurement Investment Information
Procurement Key Supplier Evaluation


The documents are provided as is, you have the opportunity to inspect these documents before purchasing them. We do not guarantee the completeness or correctness of the contents of the business documentation. In no event shall we or copyright holder be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software, documentation or the use or other dealings in the software or documentation.

The language of the documents is either English or German depending on the document. Make sure in the demo if the documents fulfill your requirements.


The purchase includes the right to create copies or create derived work from the documents without attribution. You are not allowed to sell the copies or derived documents. You may download and use any updates, additions or changes to these documents which we publish. You may not use this documents, images and contents in general to represent yourself as Us or affiliate of Us.

Not included

Some of the documents in the business documentation are not part of the purchased license since they are licensed and provided from third party providers. These documents are very few and most likely still fine to use. List of not included documents in the purchase:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Individual Contributor License Agreement ("CLA")

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