Modular and customizable business software with functions such as ERP, CRM, CMS, Production, Office, Analytics and more as online or on-premise solution.

Unlock the potential of efficient business management and enhanced customer relationships with our modular ERP and CRM system. This powerful software solution is designed to optimize your operations and facilitate seamless customer engagement, offering a range of customizable features to suit your unique business needs. Say hello to a smarter way of doing business.

Key Features:

  1. Modular Flexibility: Our ERP system is adaptable to your specific requirements, making it easy to customize. Whether you need inventory management, financial tools, HR solutions, or supply chain management, our system seamlessly adjusts to your business needs.

  2. Centralized Data Hub: Eliminate data silos and gain real-time access to essential information, including customer data, sales figures, inventory levels, and financial records. Make informed decisions with up-to-the-minute insights at your fingertips.

  3. Effortless Scalability: Our modular approach enables you to expand your ERP system as your business grows. Add new features and functionalities seamlessly, ensuring minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive, user-friendly interface simplifies complex tasks, reducing training time and increasing team productivity. No need for extensive IT expertise.

  5. Enhanced Analytics: Make data-driven decisions effortlessly with robust analytics tools. Monitor key performance indicators, generate custom reports, and identify growth opportunities with ease.

  6. Security & Compliance: Protect sensitive business data with top-notch security features and compliance standards. Ensure your information remains secure from unauthorized access, safeguarding your reputation and customer trust.

  7. Mobile Accessibility: Stay connected and in control of your business from anywhere, at any time, with mobile access to our ERP system.

  8. Dedicated Support: Our committed support is available to assist you every step of the way, from implementation to ongoing maintenance, ensuring your success with our software.

Key Modules:

Invoicinguser managementcustomer managementsupplier managementcontract managementticket systemtask systemfleet managementinventory managementasset managementsales analysisCRMCMSproduction toolsoffice toolsQ&Aknowledgebasenewsdocument managementshopKanban

Discover the advantages of our Modular ERP System and simplify your business operations while enhancing customer relationships. Experience efficiency and growth with this versatile software solution. Get started today and redefine your business management practices.

The software is currently under development. You can find a demo of the development version here with read access. Once the product reaches a more mature status you will be able to acquire a license.

Price: € 9.99 (Net)