Bubble Detector

Automatic bubble detection through image and video recognition

Price: EUR 2,900.00


The Bubble Detector is a tool for recognizing bubbles in fluids by processing images or camera input.

Recognition features include defining threasholds in bubble size, bubble quantity, total bubble volume and highlighting potential bubbles in the provided image.


A syringe contains a fluid with low viscousity and some bubbles. This syringe get's scanned in an X-Ray machine and the tool can be used to identify the amount and size of bubbles for quality control.


  • Estimate bubble size
  • Estimate bubble quantity
  • Filter by bubble size
  • Filter by bubble circularity
  • Works with images and camera input
  • Automatically log images from camera input based on thresholds



You can use the demo application for some tests in order to see if the software fulfills your needs.

The demo application prints a water mark on the image output and doesn't use any bubble size/volume estimation.