Sales Analyst

Simple BI tool for analyzing sales

Price: EUR 490.00


The Sales Analyst is a BI tool with fixed and pre-defined reports and analysis. The tool requires direct database access to the sales data in order to create a vast amount of automatic reports. The big advantage of this tool is that the user only defines the database tables and columns where the sales data can be found and from this point onward the tool can create the pre-defined reports live without much interaction.


  • Sales analysis by customer (if available)
  • Sales analysis by prodct segment (if available)
  • Sales analysis by sales manager (if available)
  • Sales analysis by country/region
  • New/lost customers (if available)
  • Sales with new products (if available)
  • Increasing/decreasing product sales (if available)
  • Profit margins (if available)
  • ...


  • PHP 8.1 or newer
  • Webserver Apache2
  • A modern browser



You can use the demo application for some tests in order to see if the software fulfills your needs.

The figures shown in the online demo are random figures.