Send newsletter and promotions directly to workstations

Price: EUR 499.00


The newsletter app is an application where companies can send newsletters, promotions etc. directly to their customers. The app consists of a client application which needs to be installed on the customer PC and a web application which needs to be installed on the company servers. Newsletters can be written in web application and will be automatically loaded on the customer side.


This newsletter app can be usefull for companies who sell workstations in combination with their products and want to keep their customers informed about updates, promotions etc. The advantage over email mailings is that the message gets directly sent to the operater of the workstation for targeted advertising. Furthermore it can be directly setup on the workstation before shipping the PC/Laptop or during the installation lowering the first hurdle.

An example could be a company who sells 3D printers or CNC machines together with PCs/Laptops as workstations as well as materials. The company could now send messages directly to the opperators of these machines.


  • Optional user groups for improved targeting
  • Localized newsletters in different languages possible
  • Newsletters as links to external resources (e.g. your own shop)
  • Newsletters as articles for direct display on the workstation
  • Define newsletters as featured for highlighting
  • Newsletters as popup (open automatically on the customer side)
  • Company logo and name in newsletter app on the workstation


  • PHP 8.1 or newer
  • Webserver Apache2
  • A modern browser



You can use the demo application for some tests in order to see if the software fulfills your needs.

The demo application allows handling 5 newsletters and 60 requests per hour.