eMail Rank

Analyze user relations and rankings through emails

Price: EUR 199.00


The eMail Rank application analyzes emails sent between users and creates a network graph between the different users showing the relationship between them including a cluster analysis. Additionally, users/email addresses are also analyzed with regards to "importance"/inter connectivity and the application ranks them accordingly.


  • Network graph representing the relationships between eMail addresses
  • Ranking representing the "importance"/inter connectivity of users
  • Cluster analysis of users
  • Ignore specific emails in the analysis
  • Create whitelisting patterns to only include specific email addresses (i.e. only company internal emails)



You can use the demo application for some tests in order to see if the software fulfills your needs.

The demo application only analyzes a maximum of 20 users/email addresses. Due to this limitation the result should be taken with a lot of precaution.