Bubble Detector

Automatic bubble detection through image and video recognition

In development


CRM, ERP, Intranet and more for your business

In development

Combinatorics Solver

Find numbers which make up a defined total amount

Price: EUR 99.00

Forensic Accounting Analyzer

Analyze accounting figures through forensic methods

In development

Label Validator

Automatic label validation through image and text recognition

In development

Dimension and Object Validator

Automatic dimension validation through image detection

In development

Test Report Generator

Automatically generates a localized report from test outputs

Price: EUR 0.00

OCR Image Optimizer

Improve images for better text recognition

Price: EUR 199.00

eMail Rank

Analyze user relations and rankings through emails

In development

Fill Level Detector

Detect the fill level through image recognition

In development

Word Link Validator

Validate links in word files

Price: EUR 45.00

Document Comparison

Compare documents and texts for differences and changes

Price: EUR 15.00

Business Documentation

Business processes, guidelines and templates

Price: EUR 99.00


Send newsletter and promotions directly to workstations

In development

Online Resource Watcher

Automatically watch and compare online resources

In development

Sales Analyst

Simple BI tool for analyzing sales

In development